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Company growth

* 2001.11 Ningbo DHK Bearing international Trading Co. Ltd was founded;

* 2003.9 successfully registered the DHKI global brand, formally launched the marketing of DHKI bearings in Europe;

* 2004.1 Ningbo DHK Bearing Co. Ltd was founded;

* 2004.5 a joint venture Xinchang Tiantuo Machinery Co. Ltd was founded, dominantly applying to support lathe and heat treatment for DHK bearing;

* 2004.9 a joint venture Hangzhou Datang Machinery Co. Ltd was founded, dominantly applying to support rolling elements

* 2007.1 make preparations for Ningbo Jingying Electromechanical Co. Ltd, already built a large bearing production base;

* 2007.5 jointly funded with an Austrian Company, and increased Capital into Ningbo DHK Bearing Co.Ltd;

* 2008.9 successfully registered the Chinese brand DHK;

The same year, we set up DHK Chinese marketing team, and entered the Chinese market with many years of experience with world first-class enterprises.

* In the year of 2011, domestic sales crossed RMB 80 Million;

* In the year of 2011, through years of efforts, DHK has done an initial achievement in forging machine tools and the wet clutch, hydraulic pressure, industrial gearbox, wind turbine gearbox, hoisting machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery and other fields at home, and the annual sales has crossed RMB 200 million;

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