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Voice of employee
I’m in DHK
Warehouse Center:XU Yueyan
I am a warehouseman of the foreign trade warehouse. In June, 2008, I was transferred from the factory to the foreign trade warehouse. Being a warehouseman from a products warehouse to a finished products warehouse is quite different. Warehouseman is a job I got for the first time over the years. At first, I was Ignorant, but later now I am quite capable of doing my job. Not only can I finish my own job, I can also help the new employees quickly get familiar with their own work. Although warehouseman is not a high-technical job, it does require hard-working, carefulness and certain coordination capability. A warehouseman should do well in delivering, taking care of and archiving the original documents. All these are the most basic function of a warehouseman.
The perception of management in DHK
An Assembly Operator of the factory great line:WANG Xiaopeng
As a manager of the most basic level, I am the head of the workers; in the meanwhile, I am the foot of the management. On this special post of being a group leader, I have a low position and heavy responsibility. A group leader of the factory is an important bridge between the company and production personnel. The management of a group leader will directly reflect upon the production schedule and products quality. Therefore, every decision must be made with the aim to be efficient enough.
In order to be enough efficient, firstly I must study hard the theoretical business knowledge, arming myself with theoretical business knowledge, and put the theory into daily practice. Secondly, I should learn to encourage others, for an excellent worker must have grown up in admiration. Thirdly, I should accept the public suggestions. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Fourthly, I shall assume the responsibility.
In the coming work, I will try my best to make every worker and every process to be detailed and simplified. Through work processes, post responsibility and other forms, I will make every worker know how to do the job, and what is required in the job. I will make everyone work under teleonomy and pertinence, making everything clear and coherent.
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