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the media-facing information Time:17/03/28 [Back] About bearing storage method

IF the bearings are temporarily unused, customers should avoid rust and pollution of brand bearings. DHK bearing suggests following methods to help you for the safety-keeping.

1.     Keeping the original packing and not open it. If found the packaging is damaged, it must be carefully cleaned, antirust oil coated and then repackaged.

2.     The relative humidity of the storage room should not exceed 60%, the temperature difference should not be too big, and the bearings in the original packaging can be stored for several years. For the sealed or shield bearings, their lubricating properties of the grease filled in the bearings may be reduced after long storage.

3.     The storage room should stable, without shake and rock. The bearings that not stay in the original packaging should be properly preserved, the branded bearings should be strictly forbidden to be placed together with corrosiveness matter, so to avoid corrosion and pollution

4.     The large-size rolling bearing can only be placed in flat, and the end face of the inner and outer ring should be fully supported. If the bearing placed upright, due to the inner, outer ring and rolling parts are very heavy, the ring wall thickness is relatively thin, it may cause permanent deformation.

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