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the media-facing information Time:17/09/04 [Back] Why DHK Brand Bearing has infinite charm?

The same quality bearings, but with different brand labels, there will be a world of difference. This is the mystery and charm of the brand. So why is DHK brand bearings so charming?

Firstly, the brand has the characteristics of difference and individuation. One of the important principles of brand strategy is to plan brand differences and individuation, which is also the most difference with the general products. The highly differentiated and personalized information of bearing products is bound to attract the public's attention and rapidly enhance the popularity, so that sales will rise and competitive advantage will be highlighted.

Secondly, the brand contains the corporate culture and spiritual content. Building a brand is the whole reflect of the enterprise integrating science and technology, quality, management, marketing, product design, manufacturing, sales, service, product design cultural taste, corporate culture and art, leadership cultural quality, personality power and cultural elements, form unique brand image. DHK brand bearings integrated into the corporate culture of "modern management technology and modern information technology", and shaping a good brand image, which can also enter the market in developed countries.

Thirdly, the brand has a "premium ability" to create high profits for the enterprise. Brand’s "premium ability" is a powerful weapon for enterprises to obtain higher prices, higher profit margins, and better profits. Actually, brand equity such as popularity, quality recognition, brand association and other indicators will ultimately improve brand loyalty and premium capability, so that the brand will have profitability.



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