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the media-facing information Time:17/06/15 [Back] Dedication • Harvest • For the future——10 years' outstanding employees' commendation conference in DHK

In the morning of June 12, 2017, the 10 year outstanding staff commendation conference of DHK was held in DHK Front hall. The conference was chaired by Mr. Ge(the vice-president),Mr. Liang(the president), Ms. Chen(the deputy general manager) and all the department leaders were attended.

The conference started at 7:20. Firstly, the president Mr.Liang made a speech and reviewed last 16 years of DHK development also expected for the great future, and actively affirmed the hard work of most departments, proposed higher requirements and ardent wishes for the future.

Subsequently, the vice-president Mr. Ge read "The decision to commend the excellent staff of the 10 years in DHK bearing". At this time, the staff had become the focus of the audiences, they gradually came to the stage, got the honorary certificates and souvenirs. They are the most respectable people of the DHK bearing, who have worked hard and sweaty for the development of the company. Then Mr.Wang from H.R department made a speech on behalf of the award-winning staffs. At the end, the conference ended in DHK chorus. The whole conference had a warm and solemn atmosphere, and every step was well organized. After the conference, the leaders and the commended employees took a photo together.

The conference reviewed the developing time of DHK bearing for last 16 years, commended the advancement, set up typical examples, inspired the fighting spirit, strengthened the faith, and demonstrated the pioneering spirit of DHK. DHK staffs will work hard and strive to produce better product and provide better service.

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