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Technology Application
Solutions to mechanical engineering
    ---more reliably correspond the adverse circumstance, and lower the costs
As an optimization scheme expert for heavy industrial bearings equipped with advanced technology in crawler crane, special crane, vertical crusher, plug-in vibrator, vibrating pile driver and other modern construction machinery fields, DHK has developed series of bearing optimization scheme specially for the heavy industrial construction machinery fields, which has met the clients’ requirements, that the bearing should not only bear huge shock loading, radial acceleration and super high speed, but also bear decentraction, axis deflection and other additional load, at the same time, the bearing should be able to correspond the adverse circumstance.
Bearing of DHK Brand can for the most part avoid the great economic losses and procrastination of construction period under harsh working conditions, once the machine breaks down. 
Solutions to machine tools
    ---less worriedly solve the bearing application problems, and lower the costs
Machine tool bearing assembly is the major component of a machine tool, and its service behavior will influence directly the production efficiency and operation cost.
At present, the efficient and stable operation of machine tools depends on four aspects -- rotation rate and temperature rise, lifetime and loading capacity, stability and vibration resistance, as well as yawp.
In order to solve the problem above efficiently, DHK has made the bearing have stable and excellent performance under super high speed, with field-leading materials and engineering technology combined.
For example, as for temperature rise, one of the biggest factor which influence the bearing performance under high speed, DHK bearing series can minimize the impact to lubricant shear force caused by running under high speed. These series of bearings not only has lower operating temperature, but also can at the same time lower rolling contact surface friction, and enhance machining accuracy.
Solutions to gearbox
    ---more constantly bear extreme load, and lower the costs
The main function of rolling bearing in gearbox is to stabilize axle and support driving force, which means that it must have the capability to bear extreme load under complex circumstance.
High speed, high load-bearing, impact and vibration resistance, high-temperature resistance, high-precision and compact design are the important criteria to judge whether the gearbox-bearing is reliable. Therefore DHK has been improving constantly in these four aspects: enhancement interior design, special cage design, decreasing tolerance and adjusting the internal clearance, and tab slot around the outer ring avoiding it from rolling, in order to make sure that the quality of DHK products makes you assured.
Besides of offering excellent product quality, DHK pays great attention to clients’ individual requirement. Based on gearbox manufacturers’ relevant dimensions, DHK selects the types flexibly, and configures accurate and various bearing schemes according to the design and running condition of gearboxes.
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