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Optimization Cases Jingfeng Machinery Co. Ltd: DHK successfully replaced the bearings of international famous brand
From March, 2008 on, Jingfeng began to use DHK bearings to replace the bearings with international famous brand, which they had always been used before, and until August, 2009 Jingfeng has had bearings all from DHK.

Assistance to Yangduan Co. Ltd: represented the elegant demeanor of an optimization scheme expert
After DHK on-site analysis, the engineer changed the match of bearing, and made a test by providing samples. He successfully solved the bearing match and quality problem once, that had not been solved by a domestic old brand for 12 years. This equipment matches mainly with Chery.

Voice Of Customers:
“DHK works conscientiously and responsibly, and has skillful technology. He has helped us a lot with selection, analysis and others. Especially by helping us with the problem of bearing of Chery forging production line, DHK played a vital role.”
                                                                                           —— Chief Wu, Chief engineer of Yangzhou Maijie Co.,Ltd.
“The DHK bearing has excellent quality, and in each technical indicators test had DHK performed neck to neck with the imported products, and on the cost performance had DHK a significant advantage. What impressed me more is DHK’s service, DHK responses the customer demands in time, and has serious attitude and excellent technology. ”
                                                                                   ——Section chief Peng, section chief of Property Department, Jingfeng (China) Co.,Ltd.
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